Quite unexpectedly Brod Ludaka became my introduction to the film industry. While I was a final year student at the RITCS school of arts I decided to make a short film about average citizens dealing with an event during a significant moment in history. I chose Sarajevo 1992 for the challenges, complexities and human experience of the city in that time period. I traveled to the artistic heart of former Yugoslavia and stayed there for three months. The cast and crew was a melting pot of international talent who taught me so much. It was incredible to be put on the Oscars shortlist personally, and professionally speaking it launched my career.


Brod Ludaka

Full Credits

Miralem Zubcevic

Irma Alimanovic

Alban Uka

Koen De Jongh

Executive producers:
Boris Peresic, Ensar Halilovic, Edin Sarkic, RITCS, Dorothée Radart, Matthias Lebeer

Renaat Lambeets