Quite unexpectedly, Brod Ludaka became my introduction to the film industry. While I was a final year student at RITCS School of Arts, I made a short film about average citizens dealing with an event during a significant moment in history. I chose Sarajevo, 1992, for the challenges, complexities and human experience of the city during that time period. I travelled to the artistic heart of former Yugoslavia and stayed there for three months. The cast and crew were a melting pot of international talent who taught me so much. It was incredible to be put on the Oscars’ shortlist from a personal perspective, and from a professional view point, it launched my career.


Brod Ludaka

Full Credits

Miralem Zubcevic

Irma Alimanovic

Alban Uka

Koen De Jongh

Executive producers:
Boris Peresic, Ensar Halilovic, Edin Sarkic, RITCS, Dorothée Radart, Matthias Lebeer

Renaat Lambeets