This 15 seconds TV ad was the typical format for one of Germany’s oldest and most treasured food brands Kuehne. They love these short burst spots that almost blast out of the screen. Announcing their new healthy yoghurt salad dressing range, it was shot entirely at The Marmalade Hamburg’s studio May 2021.

There are no actors in this ad, instead we focussed entirely on the product. To that end we used immersive backdrops referring to the colours of the ingredients of the dressing. The bottles are anthropomorphised and almost take the place of actors. All that remained was to add in texture by exploding herbs, revealing swirling bunches of fresh herbs out of the yoghurt including its sound design and a punchy voice over to finish off this visually arresting film.


KUEHNE Natuerlich GUT

Philipp und Keuntje GmbH, Hamburg

Production company:
The Marmalade, Hamburg

Post production:
The Marmalade, Hamburg