In 2016 the legendary car maker McLaren commissioned me to create a film capturing a typical day in the life of Jenson Button. This was digital only content, McLaren no longer produce adverts for TV, and was filmed both at the McLaren Centre in London and on location. The intention for the film was to act as an invitation for fans to visit the centre and feel what it’s like to be Jenson for the day. Basically the perfect social media content campaign to attract McLaren super fans.

Jensen is a busy man and we only had one day to film with him. Much of the action was scripted but he’s a funny and very open guy which lead to some great improvisation and ad libs.

As the film is 99% from Jensen’s point of view, we were able to film some sequences later on with a body double. We cast an actor of a similar build and posture and went on location with a go pro getting the external action shots.


Jenson Button & McLaren

Wing London

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Wing TV

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Wing TV