The Rolex Awards are a set of grants given by the luxury watch maker open to anyone over 18 years of age, of any nationality, whose ground-breaking project is helping to expand knowledge of our world and improve the quality of life on the planet. Candidates can apply in five areas: science and health, applied technology, exploration, cultural heritage and the environment.

It was my task to make films about some of the incredible laureates from the 2019 prize.  Spending a week with Grégoire Courtine for instance was truly a life changing experience for me. Grégoire is an eminent neurosurgeon who has dedicated his life to helping paralysed people walk again in defiance of anyone’s expectations. Because I was able to spend a week with the subject I was able to tell a very personal, intimate, impactful human story.


Rolex Awards with Grégoire Courtine


Production company:
Proudfoot London

Post production:
Proudfoot TV